In 2016 Bryn Fitzpatrick had acquired a fiery passion to use her degree in graphic design. That passion quickly transformed into doing freelance art and design which allowed for personal growth and expression in her work. Overtime, this process started to build a meaningful connection between the artist and the community around her and so she started using her skills towards something that could really help to make a positive change in the world. Being an active member of the queer community, Bryn started communicating with peers of similar life experiences while forming valuable alliances across the Cincinnati area. Meeting so many humans with different life stories and struggles, she quickly realized the common desire for a strong and supportive community as well as overall equality for humans of all types. She started creating influential art and design that was meant to speak to human kind as a whole. Each piece being handcrafted with a message of positivity, love and hope in an effort to bring us together as one. This became a life mission and so during Pride of 2017, I Am Human was born as an official movement. Since 2017, I AM HUMAN has remained a strong presence in the City of Cincinnati attending local events and working alongside organizations such as The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) in our fight for equality. 


In 2020 I AM HUMAN started to adjust sails alongside the wild winds of this world. With human kind suffering, there was an abundance of injustices, inequalities and hatred that is all around us. To be human is to be able to feel and think. But most importantly, being human is about passion and compassion to ourselves and to others. We have a voice with this platform that can really help to make a positive change within our community and so that has become our main focus moving forward. I Am Human now donates 10% of all sales to a featured organization that we feel needs the support to see that positive change happen.  

 In 2021 I AM HUMAN The Movement launched their podcast cross all major platforms. This podcast was the next step in creating the true IAH movement that would bring our tribe together. A platform where all types of humans could come listen and have conversation around one of the hardest parts about life....being a human! I'm human, you're human, let's be humans together.

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I'm grateful to have been raised in the loving household that I was. We ate dinner together as a family almost every night of the week and spent our vacations camping around the lakes of Michigan. So it was no surprise that none of their love and support altered in the slightest when I came out in 2013. But, as I became more connected and knowledgeable about the LGBTQ+ community, I was saddened to see so many of my peers struggle with their own story. It hurt me knowing that there were humans out there not getting the love and support they desperately needed as well as deserved. This is when I AM HUMAN was born. I know that my love for art & design can be an influential force and it can inspire passion, love, and acceptance for those who have little to none. My goal with I AM HUMAN is to show that we are all human with the same goal of wanting to feel LOVED, ACCEPTED and BEAUTIFUL. But for those who may feel alone, may they find their tribe in I AM HUMAN. 

As the sole artist of I AM HUMAN, Bryn is a digital creator and designer. She also sits as one of 2 hosts on I AM HUMAN The Movement the Podcast.

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I was lucky enough to meet the beautiful Bryn Fitzpatrick back in 2016 when I AM HUMAN was only a dream being shared over a late summer night's campfire. From that night on our friendship grew to something much greater than either of us expected and now I AM HUMAN is a part of my own life. Being a human who thrives on organization and efficiency, I tend to take on more of an operational role behind the scenes lending a hand where needed. My efforts are to support the love of my life and to help contribute towards a greater good on this Earth by being a part of this movement with I AM HUMAN. 

Laura takes on the operational side of running I AM HUMAN. As a writer and one of 2 voices on the IAH podcast, she supports her partner as they grow the business together.