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As the holiday season approaches, the anticipation of celebration has started sparking conversations throughout our household. What will Thanksgiving look like for our family? For many families this question has become a daunting one and It's become more and more difficult to find reasons to be grateful in a time of giving thanks. No matter your circumstances, having an attitude of gratitude can change your perspective in so many ways but sharing that attitude can bring such an abundance onto others around you. Join us as we shine a light on Feeding America to be our next featured organization to receive donations this season. In a time of uncertainty, we want to give what we can for those who cannot in a movement of gratitude.

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From hurricanes to wildfires, Climate Change has been selfishly wreaking havoc across our country. So why does it still share the same authenticity as Santa or the Easter Bunny for so many? We speak to a fellow Oregonian who recently experienced one of these horrific wildfires asking her opinion on the validity of climate change and what the average joe can do to help fight it.  

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Coming to terms with your sexuality can be an extremely difficult thing to do growing up, especially in a household that isn't so accepting of who you are. Learn about my coming out experience as well as why I AM HUMAN is featuring The Trevor Project our next organization to receive donations. 

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Self-Love isn't selfish but why does It feel that way sometimes? Putting yourself first doesn't have to be an entirely self-absorbed practice but instead it can be as simple as allowing yourself to drink that delicious milkshake you've been craving. After all in the words of the fabulous RuPaul, "If you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?"

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After a run in with Covid-19, we took our first test and waited over 2 weeks for the results. We quickly learned that the nation's response to the virus has remained in a disheveled and inconsistent state as more and more people continue to suffer every day. We need progressive change and we need it now. 

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