Trust Your Gut

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Trust Your Gut

There have been countless times throughout my life where intuition has played a major and sometimes pivotal role. Something deep inside me lay heavy in my stomach guiding me towards a decision I may not have made without it. It almost feels instinctual in a way, to know something that feels so "matter of fact" without understanding how you know it. Our brains have the desire to understand everything going on around you and so we constantly try to put all of these little pieces together in effort to create some order out of the chaos. But when it comes to trusting your gut, it's more about putting trust in yourself.  


Think about the last time you had a feeling so strongly about something that it went against everything in you just to appease it. Maybe you turned down an incredible job offer to move across the country but deep down something told you that it wasn't the right fit. Months go by and you wonder why you ever would of turned down something that could of gotten you out of the hell hole you currently work in. But regardless, you keep a positive attitude, your head up and you continue to push on. All of a sudden your dream job pops up as a newly developed company offering you a position! They are a local, near family, friends and has all the benefits you were looking for in the job that would of made you move. Trusting your gut can really pay off, and not always in the ways you most expect. 


There was a day when Bryn and I had parked to walk into our local grocery store. After locking our car we start walking up the isle only for Bryn to notice a man across the way. She had an instant pit in her stomach the very moment they made eye contact. She quietly mentioned the man to me and how his energy felt "off" but she couldn't explain just what she meant by that. Knowing my partner as well as I do, I trust Bryn's gut far beyond even my own at times. Her intuition is on point about 99.9% of the time and when she feels something it runs DEEP. So knowing this, I whipped my head around only to watch him walk right over to where we had parked stopping near the passenger door. That is when MY intuition kicked in and my gut told me to get back in the car and leave. It in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, everyone and their kids were out shopping so this parking lot was packed to the brim full of vehicles. That fact was exactly what this man was banking on. When we got back to the car we watched him attempt to break into the car parked directly next to ours. Upon further inspection, he was wearing a tool belt under his shirt holding multiple tools that are typically used when breaking into cars. We pulled out of that parking lot with a sense of relief knowing that our car was not damaged or robbed from.  


That was the day that made me entirely more aware of my intense feelings of intuition. These aren't just hunches or silly feelings found in the back of your head, these are powerful tools that we have access to as human beings. A lot of people may experience this in a time of danger. Who to avoid, what to do, where to go. It's all about trusting that inner voice but doing so with patience and practice. Meditation can be incredibly helpful in this. With practice, it helps to defog my head in those moments allowing me to feel them a bit more clearly. Heck, sometimes I wake up for a big day knowing I should meditate but feel too rushed and busy to find time for the process. There have been days when even my gut feeling has prompted me in those smaller moments of saying "No, go meditate even just for 10 minutes". I listen and 100% I feel better and have more of a stable mind in tackling the day ahead.  


This intuitive feeling can vary in strength and frequency but everyone is capable of tapping into this life altering ability. It may lead you to finding a soul mate, a new friend or maybe even a new hobby. The possibilities are endless! As we get older those feelings only get more solidified through experience and so we grow wiser with age. In turn being able to help others along their own paths of learning to trust their gut feelings. So the next time you have that pit in your stomach, take a second to really listen and seek guidance from what your inner self is saying. Trust your gut and live life to the absolute fullest. <3 

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