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Growing up art was one of the only ways I knew how to express myself and kids all across the world continue to use art to express their own creativity. Our education systems aim to offer a variety of ways to allow children to do just the same but at times can be held back by the lack of funding. Inspired by my incredibly talented niece (winner of a Doodle 4 Google contest), I AM HUMAN is looking for new ways to support the youth of today in ways of education and creative expression. We are going to be donating to a local class room in need of supplies with students that are from right here in our home state of Ohio. From markers, to books, there are so many things that fall short when it comes to the needs of our children's education. We take a closer look at the winning masterpiece of the Google contest and share how YOU can help a young artist's dreams come true.

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From hurricanes to wildfires, Climate Change has been selfishly wreaking havoc across our country. So why does it still share the same authenticity as Santa or the Easter Bunny for so many? We speak to a fellow Oregonian who recently experienced one of these horrific wildfires asking her opinion on the validity of climate change and what the average joe can do to help fight it.  

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After a run in with Covid-19, we took our first test and waited over 2 weeks for the results. We quickly learned that the nation's response to the virus has remained in a disheveled and inconsistent state as more and more people continue to suffer every day. We need progressive change and we need it now. 

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