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As we go through life, we find these doors full of opportunity and growth but there's not a human on this Earth who can use old keys to open those new doors in a healthy and productive way. We become set in our ways, stagnant and unable to have the awareness needed to gain positive growth as humans in turn adding new keys to our key ring. Laura reflects on this pivotal time in her life as she assesses just what labels her old keys take on as she faces new doors ahead.

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Over the past 4 years Laura went from living alone having zero plants to now caring for 60+ plants throughout a shared home with her fiance Bryn. She grew up being surrounded by those who enjoyed the botanical life but never thought to have a green thumb herself until here recently. But what does it mean to grow a green thumb and what are the benefits that come from caring for plants? Having left a high stress corporate world, Laura shares her experience around the natural therapy these botanical wonders can provide for a human. All while sharing her secret to keeping all 60+ plants alive having little to no experience in the plant world. 

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There is incredible power behind the ability of trusting your gut as a human. Being able to know something without being able to explain why and in a way that is so "matter of fact" is beyond the understanding of the human brain. These intuitive feelings can sometimes alter the path of our lives entirely in ways that we would of never seen without it. They can get us out of dangerous situations or maybe prevent them from happening at all. Laura talks about intuition and how trusting your gut can save you from situations like having your car broken into. Feel that pit in your stomach? It's because you're missing out on the conversation! Join us on our latest blog post! 


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We got a little rowdy on our latest episode of the podcast for St. Patrick's Day and while we had a lot of fun taking shots and dishing out our craziest stories of debauchery, we feel that it's important to talk about drinking responsibly. Humans consume alcohol for a number of reasons; As a relief after a stressful day at work, in celebration of a special occasion and sometimes we do it just because we find ourselves being bored. But without mindfulness, our relationship with drinking can quickly start to blind even the best of us from being able to face our realities and cope with our issues in the healthiest of ways. Laura talks about her intimate relationship with alcohol while uncovering the importance of living in the moment and learning to love a sober mind.  


Love, Laura

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One of my favorite quotes reads, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing" - George Bernard Shaw. So growing up as a big kid, I had always pictured having children of my own. It wasn't until I became an aunt that it all started making sense as to what my role was here on this Earth. Overtime, I've learned that blood relation doesn't automatically make you an aunt nor does it have to be through your actual family. Whether you're an adopted aunt/uncle through your friends or you if you have a blood relation to nieces and nephews of your very own, it's through your actions and involvement in that child's life that earns you that title. Who knows, maybe you'll have some much needed fun along the way! Join us and come play as we dive deep on being a full time aunt on this month's latest blog!

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