Self-Love isn't Selfish

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Self-Love isn't Selfish

A selfish Human has no consideration for others and is entirely wrapped around the idea of personal gain via their thoughts and actions. A Human practicing self-love is one who understands their personal needs and who knows that without charged batteries they'll have no energy left to share with the world around them. 


Now look, choosing to go out and buying a new pair of shoes every time you visit the mall or choosing to buy the biggest coffee at Star Bucks on a daily basis when you make $12/hour may not be the most efficient way of expressing self-love. But, it's about balance and finding just what makes your soul come alive. Reading a good book in the late evenings may be just the thing you need to set your mind right after a long day. If that's the case, make time for that. Maybe meditation is more your speed but you find it hard to take the 10 minutes every day around your busy life. Can I ask you this? How many minutes did you spend mindlessly scrolling on your cell phone through your day yesterday?.......Do you even want to know the real answer? You make time for the things you find to be most important in life, no matter how difficult. It is the same when it comes to self-love. 


In the words of the fabulous RuPaul " If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?" There have been many times in my relationships when I have given more of my time and energy to my partner than I gave to myself. I thought I was being selfless and loving but instead, I would end up feeling drained, taken advantage of and overall off balance. In turn this made me feel bitter inside but initially it was up to me to create this needed balance. Now, obviously those around you in your life also have to have some sort of balance for you to not be drained BY them but that's initially what a general healthy relationship looks like; a balance of love between each human and themselves.  


So next time you think you're being selfish for getting that quality haircut, stop and thank yourself instead! I guarantee that with this haircut, you're going to look good and therefore FEEL good because you chose self-love. The next time you think you're being selfish for getting a milkshake on the drive home from work, stop and thank yourself instead! Maybe you've been craving that milkshake because you've decided to eat healthier and move more over the past couple weeks in efforts to get in shape and feel better and therefore you deserve a reward for all of your hard work, not complete deprivation.  


You deserve to love yourself because you are 100% worth it and that fact stands true every single day of your life. Take the time to find those little things that help recharge your batteries and go out in this world prepared to give it your all! 

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