Paws for a Cause

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Paws for a Cause

 In a world of what can feel like uncertainty and chaos, we find hope in the animals and children that make it that much brighter. While our children hold the future of the nation in their hands, sometimes it's the animals sitting next to them that help to provide the love, support and confidence needed to make strides as a future generation. While some children find these things with ease, there are Children with autism and other special needs that fight a daily struggle in finding that confidence alongside their differences. That's where service dogs can take on such an important role.  


Hundreds of thousands of animals are euthanized each year in the United States. Pets are abandoned in shelters while only some lucky few find forever homes. With foster programs and no kill shelters across the nation, animal lovers have found ways of bringing new life for those furry ones left behind. One of those animals lovers is named Janice Wolfe and it wasn't until this month that I AM HUMAN discovered her beautiful organization known as "Merlin's Kids".  As we shift into a new year, we've shifted our focus on donations and where we want that money to be utilized over the next couple of months. At Merlin's Kids, dogs are rescued from shelters and in some cases, they are fully rehabilitated in their behavior so that they are able to be individually trained to fit the needs of an individual child. Outside of helping children with autism and/or special needs, Merlin's Kids also helps those who may have fallen victim to violence and abuse through a special program called the "Courtroom Cortisol Program". Pretty much, these amazing humans are rescuing dogs to in turn help rescue Humans. How beautiful! 


As you know, Bryn and I are huge animal lovers and over the past week we've had a lot of concern around our oldest dog August. In her ripe old age of 10, this husky's hip dysplasia has worsened with time and at the beginning of this past week, she had what we believe to be her very first seizure. Since then, she's had a couple of other issues neurologically and so she's been receiving a lot of our focus as well as some newly prescribed medications. We've had a bit anxious energy in our household and so with all of this stress in the forefront of our minds, we can't help but focus our attention on the positive as well as our children and their overall wellness. Those children have fur and 4 paws but for some parents, they have tiny humans with some having their own daily struggles much bigger than our own baby girl. These are families that find themselves in need of unprecedented love and support for what can be a scary, frustrating and anxious time when their child finds themselves to be a bit different from their peers. Those differences are such a gift and with the presence of a dog, those gifts can shine brighter than ever imagined. Dogs just have a way of bringing such comfort and understanding to a moment but with training and individual needs in mind, dogs can truly help to change the way a child can live and THRIVE in this world.  


That is why I AM HUMAN The Movement would like to choose Merlin's Kids as our featured organization to receive the next 10% donation. We support our children, furry and thumbed and we hope to help bring many more of these beautiful companionships together. Dogs have proven to have such a unique way of connecting to the human soul and for these kids, it can make all the difference in how they can connect with the rest of the world.  

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