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As the Holiday Season slowly approaches, we've taken a step back in our household to look at what this season means to us. Any other year would bring large celebrations, family travel, and an abundance of events to attend, but in the year 2020 these traditions have started to look a little different. Given the circumstances, I'd say we've all made our efforts to navigate our way across this year with as much grace as we possibly could. But how are we to enjoy the season with all of these restrictions around us? 


I think back to spring time when the trees were budding and a majority of this country was on lock down. As scary as that time was, I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  Being stuck at home, my Fiance and I decided to start taking a walk in the park every morning in efforts to get out of the house. At first, we started noticing mother nature was slowly starting to bud and soon after we witnessed her bloom into what was the most beautiful spring we've ever witnessed. This was the first time where my soul had truly felt connected in nature at this level and so with every day's grateful experience, an overwhelming sense of gratitude overcame me. We were given the gift of time as we watched mother nature herself dance around us at her natural pace. This gift brought us such a positive and uplifting attitude for what was an unsettling time in our household.  


Now fast forward to today. 7 months into the pandemic, there are still so many humans suffering and struggling. Many of those people are uncertain as to how their holidays will play out this year and many cannot afford their own Thanksgiving meal. Families who once had stable incomes are now having to question if they will be able to feed their children lunch tomorrow and so priorities have started shifting with each and every day.  For many people in situations like this, It's become more and more difficult to find reasons to be grateful especially as the holidays approach us. 


Now every single human has had a different experience riding out the storm this year. Some people have been braving the weather on life rafts, while some people have been lounging on cruise ships. There are also some who have found themselves grappling for dear life on to a floating door as the waves crash over their head. I don't know your personal story but I do know this; No matter your circumstances, you have a reason to be grateful. Even if you feel as if the world has served you a poop sandwich on a plate then hey, at least it was on a plate right? Maybe you've been working countless hours a week driving to and from to work every day with a sour attitude. Try looking around you to take in the beautiful fall colors while they are here to play along the tree lines. That attitude of gratitude when practiced regularly will ultimately provide you with the formula to find happiness especially in such a time as 2020.  


Even with the hurdles we've had to tackle, our family has been fortunate for everything we've been blessed with this year. We are grateful each and every day that we've continuously had good health for ourselves and for the health of those dear to us. We've continuously had stable income and so we've been able to keep our home afloat, utilities on and projects moving despite any challenges. These reasons for gratitude have since challenged us to reflect on how we would like to spend our next couple of months knowing there are so many who do not find themselves in a boat build in the same manner. Through the fall season, I AM HUMAN would like to focus our attention on an charitable organization that focuses on giving back to the community around us. That is why we will be donating a percentage of all sales this season to Feeding America. As concerns around hunger have been brought to the forefront for so many families throughout 2020, Feeding America is tackling the issue head on as the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the nation.  We want to help those within our community feed their families this Thanksgiving by providing the essential nutrients needed to survive and thrive as we celebrate what we are grateful for.  


So if you find yourself feeling grateful for what you have with the ability of spilling that onto others, I highly encourage you to do so. Giving back and paying it forward will bring a shining light into someone else's dark day and who knows...maybe the gratitude they feel will trickle onto someone else spreading an attitude of gratitude.  



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